Smart Links – Spurrier’s Mills, Oklahoma State’s Diamond, Tony Dungy, Seamus Heaney – 9/4/2013

Coach Hoover on Steve Spurrier’s 1995-1997 era Florida passing game. Coach Hoover shows one of my favorites from Spurrier, “Mills,” which his South Carolina team scored with for the first touchdown of the 2013 college football season. Compare this:

With this:

– I did a really fun podcast (which you can listen to here) with Sigmund Bloom and Matt Waldman from Football Guys.

Interesting look at how Mississippi State prepped for Oklahoma State and then tried to switch gears when the Cowboys went to a new look they hadn’t anticipated.

Will Veatch has some very interesting stuff on the Chicago Bears’ spread offense — from 1950. Well worth a read.

– Brophy with defensive back fundamentals from Tony Dungy and 3-4 reduction defense concepts from Marvin Lewis.

Make sure to get get your orders into the Smart Football store before the season gets too far in.

Coach Vint on leverage, numbers and green grass.

Blitzology on torching offenses with the read-twist stunt.

Strong Football on the Cover 2 “Trap” Zone Blitz. Brophy also has great stuff on this blitz/coverage here.

Appreciating Ronald Coase.

Why is much of the best intellectual work being done by journalists, not scholars?

Seamus Heaney on James Fenton.

  • cwoz

    That Zero Technique blog is great. I hope he keeps it up.

  • NoHuddleAirRaidForTheWin


    For those of us who base out of 4WR 2×2, and run Shallow Cross with a post by one outside receiver (e.g. Z) and a hunt route by one inside receiver (e.g. Y), could the goal of Spurrier’s Mills play be accomplished by simply tagging Shallow Cross with Play Action?

    Spurrier’s offense seems to be too complicated, so I am looking for a way to incorporate the Mills play without having to install an entirely new play.