What podcasts do you listen to?

Here is a list of my weekly (or at least bi-weekly) listens:

Solid Verbal — The only football related podcast I consistently listen to because it’s, well, the best one. I especially recommend the recent episode with Bill Connelly.

NPR Planet Money — Unbelievably good at breaking down complex subjects in entertaining ways. The recent episode with actual crack dealer Freeway Rick Ross (the real one) on the economics of crack dealing is a must listen.

Philosophy Bites — At this point I can emulate professor Nigel Warburton’s British accept pretty well (I did live in the mother country for a stint too). This one can be a bit inconsistent, but when the guests are good the bites go down easy. Check out Bakewell on Montaine.

Freakonomics — Due to their excessive popularity and the grating intro (“Why am I thanking the listeners? The podcast is free.”) I really did not want to like this, but podcasts on cooking, schools, earthquake prediction, and poop have made this part of my routine.

This American Life — Since it’s a full hour I don’t always have time for it, but it’s the best radio journalism I’ve ever heard. The recent episode on a Georgia Drug Court and Drug Court judge gone off the rails is required listening.

EconTalk — I don’t always agree with Russ Roberts, but this podcast is the best hardcore-let’s-talk-economics podcast out there. Being an hour, the quality of each episode is very much driven by the quality of the guest. The best formula is when Russ (a self-professed libertarian/Hayekian) does battle with an economist on the other side of the ideological divide.

I also must hesitatingly admit that I listen to Bill Simmons, depending on the topic and guest. I actually prefer to listen to him than read him, for whatever that is worth.

So what podcasts am I missing out on? Any others? Also, since I recently bought a new MacBook I’m interesting in getting my podcast software and equipment up; I’d like to do something like the Philosophy Bites one but with football (10-20 minutes with an expert on a particular topic), but could use some recommendations.

  • The podcasts from 5by5.tv are good if you like tech topics. Hypercritical is my favorite.

  • Mark D Milner

    Solid list. The Sklar brothers have a nice podcast, it’s funny and they usually have good guests. It’s long, though – usually something like 90 minutes. CBC’s Age of Persuasion is great too – it breaks down different strategies an marketing and advertising in a clear, direct and entertaining way.

  • Good list. I listen to: (a) Simmons (b) Firewall & Iceberg for my television fix and (c) This is My Next Podcast for my tech/gadget info. Each is about an hour, perfect for the commute in from Jersey.

  • Security Now is kind of long, but very approachable for non-hardcore computer people:

    Skeptoid is a critical analysis podcast that managed to avoid all the huge potholes that self proclaimed rational and scientific bloggers fall into (partisan spats, appeals to authority, mean spirited name calling, Dawkins-worship)

    If you’re fan of NPR and disagree with Russ Roberts on most things (or not a computer scientist or software engineer), then the rest of my play list is most likely not for you.

  • Anonymous

    Princeton Review’s LSAT Logic in Everyday Life by Andrew Brody is/was a great one

    Also Stanford’s MBA program has a ton of great lectures on their Entrepreneurs series.

    Most other ones I listen to are all comedy shows

  • Anonymous

    Hey I never said I disagree with Russ about *most* things, just some things. I do listen to him and check out the blog on the same site with Caplan, Kling and those guys.

  • LB Jefferies

    You would probably enjoy In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg, BBC Radio 4. An infinite variety of topics with academics. Bragg can get impatient, but usually only in the service of making his guests clearer. And more practice for your British accent as a bonus.

  • Anthony

    We’ve got a lot of overlap here. NPR’s Radiolab is a must. I’d try UK Guardian’s Science Weekly as well (it’s a touch less relatively technical than EconTalk, very well produced). Neuropod is worth a try; you also may like Skeptically speaking – they put out a lot of great episodes but the guest/topic quality is a bit less consistent than the rest.

  • IllegalShift.com

    I used to listen Security Now and a few other TWIT shows. I’ve been listening to the Gillmor Gang a lot here lately. It’s not really a *podcast* since its video, but a pretty good tech show.

  • Radiolab is a must.

  • Anonymous

    Adam Carolla- hit or miss. one-on-one shows with Carolla and guest are great. ( Simmons brings out the best in Carolla)

    Dan Lebatard Show- doesn’t take itself serious

    Greg Fitzsimmons Fitzdog Radio- funny podcast. Always one of Stern’s best guests

    WTF with Marc Maron- one on one interviews with comedians. about hour long very interesting. guests drop their guard and go deep. Louis CK episode worth a listen. Gallagher episode was epic, got pissed and stormed out of interview.

    Bill Simmons- Depends on the guest as you stated. Klosterman is my favorite. also enjoy Michael Lombardi during the nfl season.

  • Hardcore History by Dan Carlin…

    Probably the best of which is his 4 parter on the eastern front of WW2 – “Ghosts of the Ostfront”

    The history fan’s history, he does a great job of putting you in a place in time.

    It’s easily my personal favorite podcast -> highly recommend it…

  • Joe F.

    Milt Rosenberg’s Extension 720 show from WGN Radio is an interview show that is always educational. Always. (It’s 90 minutes each night though, so I usually pick and choose the individual episodes that interest me most.)

  • CoachH

    I am surprised no one has mentioned Rich Eisen’s podcast. It has all of the up-to-date info for the NFL, great guests, and plus a little humor thrown in there.

    I also like Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, The Film Vault, and a few other radio broadcasts that are converted to podcasts.

  • Mark

    If you’re into baseball at all, Jonah Keri’s podcasts are consistently good. Enlightening and entertaining, intelligent, but not just for stats people.

  • Hey Chris,

    People seem to either love or hate Jason Whitlock, but I think a couple of the podcasts in his new series have been pretty good (http://www.foxsportsradio.com/pages/jasonwhitlock/index.html?uri=channels/449784/

  • el capitan

    The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko
    All of the survivalist topics one would expect – gardening, hunting, etc. – but also grade A analysis on topics like money, the economy, politics, and the like.
    A good recent episode for those not into the typical survival topics.

  • tripp

    Obviously Radiolab, as others have mentioned, and they have a back catalog of over 100 episodes for free on iTunes, so there’s plenty to listen to.

    The Moth Podcast – storytelling from the Moth’s shows in NYC

    Savage Love podcast – great stuff on sex and relationships

    From Our own Correspondent from the BBC gives a different perspective on the week’s news from the people who are actually covering it.

    And Adam and Joe, from BBC 6 Music is a hilarious podcast.

  • Anonymous

    • TED Talks
    • NPR intelligence squared debates
    (check out the one with Bob Costas moderating)
    • Hbr ideacast

  • trenches

    russ roberts is an absolutely wonderful host

  • Jimbo

    I recommend ESPN.com’s weekly college football podcast with Ivan Maisel and (usually) Beano Cook. I cannot get enough Beano!

  • DC

    The Moth is great. Also recommend Stuff You Should Know podcast from howstuffworks.com. Those guys do a good job trying to explain everything about everything.

  • Hoffy

    Even though it has been mentioned a couple times, I must endorse NYC Radiolab as well. Excellent variety of topics and extremely well done.

  • Gabeh73

    alex jones show

  • Bboucher7

    Check out the Joe Rogan experience and Tim and Sid Uncut

    Also for podcasting if you dont have a mic you should check out Blue Microphones, they make the snowball mic

  • Danqueray

    Thanks for the recommendations – I’m going to try out a few! You might like Stuff You Missed in History Class.

  • I like Richard Deitsch, and he’s one of my favorite twitter follows so I enjoy the Inside SI podcast. It’s an interview with a writer about a story in that week’s SI. It’s a little too inside-baseball journalism-y at times, but sometimes it’s pretty good. Once or twice a week, generally 15-20 minutes at most.

    National Review has a decent books podcast with John Miller. You get some of the usual conservative suspects, but the other topics fit my interests. Once or twice a week, generally 10 minutes.

    I listen to Pro Football Talk Live on podcast occasionally, depending solely on if I’m interested in the guest. PFT Live is daily and runs 30-60 minutes between Florio’s monologue and two guests.

    I’ll second the recommendation for TED Talks, though a good number of them have worthwhile visuals and should be watched on the computer.

    There are a number of academic podcasts out there which tend to be longer (an hour-plus) and of varying value. Open Yale Courses and UChicago Law are my two primary sources here when I need something else to listen to.

  • Walter

    The Pod F. Tompkast, hosted by Paul F. Tompkins, is the funniest podcast I’ve ever heard. If you’ve got patience with rambling, it’s a hilarious (and shockingly erudite) show. Comedy Death-Ray Radio, which regularly features Tompkins, can also be pretty great. I haven’t listened to it yet, but based on the success of his fake almanacs, I’m sure John Hodgman’s podcast, Judge John Hodgman, is worth an iTunes subscription, too.

    I’m a Roman history kind of guy, and Mike Duncan’s History of Rome podcast is thoughtfully composed, entertaining, and clearly the product of considered historical analysis instead of, say, “Here’s a kooky fact I bet you didn’t know about Rome: Caligula had sex with horses!!!!” It’s not so much a podcast for history buffs as it is for historians, which is as high a compliment as I can pay an educational podcast. If you’ve got even a passing interest in the subject, it’s worth a listen (although the early episodes are pretty low-budget, even for a podcast).

    A.V. Talk, the A.V. Club’s weekly podcast, has been briefly discontinued in favor of a video format, but they’re allegedly returning soon with a new and improved audio show. Regardless of its relative newness or improvements, A.V. Talk is a reliable source of measured criticism. I guess I should throw out a plug for Sound Opinions, too, Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis’s weekly music podcast, but their criticism–especially DeRogatis’s–tends to lag well behind the curve, and there’s not much depth in their analysis. That said, I’ve got to respect their staggering body of knowledge, and it’s a good way to get introduced to new (or overlooked) music.

  • Albert

    I think I listen to a few too many, mainly on sports. Here are some of the best:

    ESPN Fantasy Football Podcast- Nate and Matthew’s chemistry is very good, as is their analysis. I would assume the baseball podcast is also good, though I don’t listen to it (or play fantasy baseball)

    ESPN College Basketball- much better than their Football Today or NBA Today podcasts, this one from ESPN is thoughtful and measured in its analysis.

    ESPN Pardon the Interruption- if you like the tv show, you’ll obviously like this. I love Wilbon and Kornheiser but can see why others might find their style a little too “Around the Horn”-like.

    ESPN B.S. Report- When Simmons actually talks sports (and not reality tv, or other pop culture), it’s usually pretty good

    Jason Whitlock Podcast- Don’t always agree with his views but find the topics he covers and guests he talks to very provocative

    And here are a few others:

    NBA.com Hang Time Podcast , Rich Eisen podcast, The Basketball Jones, Rowdy Racing News

  • Nate

    For comedy, one of my favorites is You Look Nice Today. They haven’t made any new ones in awhile, but it’s worth checking out their catalog. Weirdy, nerdy, freewheeling conversations. You’ll get a feel for whether or not it’s your style pretty quickly.

  • James

    Solid Verbal is amazing.

    ESPN’s football today was good until Ross Tucker mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago now it is boring.

    ESPN’s behind the bets occasionally has some good analytic guests such as Ken Pomeroy.

    I also like Colin Cowherd as he is always right about everything which is reassuring

    Slate’s hang up and listen is also good although they despise Bill Simmons

    Which is a pity as Bill Simmons is also pretty good

    NFLUK’s podcasts are great when they have Mike Carlson on.

  • My everyweek list (yes it is a lot, but I listen to podcasts everywhere – driving, working out, office)

    BS Report
    Dan Patrick
    Planet Money
    Fresh Air
    Security Now
    This American Life
    Windows Weekly

    been searching for a football coaching podcast, but no luck so far.

  • just listened to my first EconTalk – it was great, right up my alley. Looks like I have to add another to my every week list