The wisdom of Texas Tech’s Taylor Potts

Potts, after the Red Raiders’ loss to Texas: “We’d get on a roll offensively and then get a penalty and go right back where we started,” Potts said.

“We tried to beat Texas and ourselves in the first half. In the second half, we just tried to beat Texas.”


And they gave it a pretty good effort. That is, until Sergio Kindle shut the door.

  • I haven’t seen anyone throw off their back foot like that since Jeff George – not the best comparison. Potts got his stats though.

  • Gus Mitchem

    We, the fans in attendance were the happiest people to ever lose a ballgame. This season is/was a big unknown, no TV coverage, good highlights and add to that the lack of two defensive leaders and most of our DEs.
    The legacy of being a Tech fan knows the big egg is always lurking. We were all very happy our team fought hard, came back again and again. The men that took the field in our colors made is very easy for us in the stands among the sea of orange. The bloggers will still say that Texas didnt play well but eveyone there in any color knows that both teams played hard.
    Despite the drop off in national press, the talent level is up! Guys we knew nothing about made plays on a big stage and against a good opponnent.

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