The Play That Changed College Football: Spurrier’s “Righty”

That’s the title of this new ESPNU documentary about the new SEC Championship game, and specifically the 1992 Championship game between Alabama and Florida.

At the risk of spoiling the fun, the play call that changed the game is revealed after the jump.

In the video, former Gators quarterback Shane Matthews calls out “Righty” as the infamous play call, which in Spurrier’s system was the “smash concept” to — you guessed it — the right. (Gotta love Steve’s terminology.)

As everyone is aware, Alabama’s Antonio Langham jumped the hitch underneath the corner route, and the rest is history.

In any event, the trailer from ESPN looks excellent, and I very much look forward to it. It’s obviously timely given the current realignment debates; the antagonism surrounding the SEC Championship game provides useful historical context for the changes college football is currently undergoing.

The full diagram of “righty” is below, courtesy of Bruce Eien:

You can see more context for the playcall and the great game below:

  • Joe 12-Pack

    Awesome game. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  • Paul Meisel

    Spurrier doesn’t enjoy the adulation that Saban presently does… but he certainly has had more than a fair share of success. 

    And the Gators uniforms look better than the Bama unis….. and I am in Birminghan as I write this!

  • Andrew

    When does this air?

  • Nsteady

    Great game.  Distinctly remember the Emory & Henry formations being ran a little bit that game from Spurrier. And just recently have we started to see it again from Spurrier out of the shotgun with a few spread concepts implemented into it. Would love to see a breakdown of it.