Stanford HC David Shaw: Can Football Change the World?

Very interesting TEDx talk by Stanford head coach David Shaw:

  • brophyfootball

    thanks for posting this1. great pitch
    2. interesting concept (brand a competitive attitude at the institution)
    3. but what a stretch……c’mon man!

  • tforce

    Shaw missed a golden opportunity.

    Most TED talks I’ve seen talk about processes to achieve success. He talked
    about success. Furthermore, the advantage this he discusses, recruiting kids
    with academic credentials to college, is not broadly translatable.

    He could have, and probably should have, talked about the solid and growing
    scientific literature that physical activity is correlated with cognitive
    development. Furthermore, football at the highest level demands concentration
    and intelligence. I have long held that poor academic performance by top-flight
    athletes may be a sign of a specific learning challenge.

  • David Phillip

    I agree, tforce.

    I was definitely underwhelmed by Coach Shaw’s presentation. He was given an opportunity to flex his intellectual muscles and instead hopped up on the soapbox. All coaches have heard the “We go for kids with athleticism and intelligence” pitch.

    In addition to the point tforce made about the correlation between physical activity and cognitive development, I would’ve liked to see how we, as coaches, struggle with an internal and eternal battle with efficiency. Every day, we organize, analyze, and execute a game plan with the overall goal of prolonged efficiency and success. Every drill I design has been filtered through what I know they can do, what I eventually want them to be able to do, what sub set skills they need to accomplish their goals, etc. We think about and do more to optimize use of time on a daily basis than some people do their entire careers. If more people decided to implement a coach’s perspective on their use of free time, the world would be a better place.