Stanford Coach David Shaw on Oregon’s Offense

My affinities are well known, but I think all offenses should strive for this description:

“The thing is, it’s not complicated,” [Stanford head coach David] Shaw said of the Ducks’ offensive scheme. “It’s just complicated during the game. The adjustments they make are so subtle that you don’t realize it until they’ve scored three touchdowns on you. You change to try to cover what they’re doing, and they make another change.

“They spend a lot of time looking at you. They run simple plays and however you’re stopping their simple plays, Chip takes advantage of what you’re doing, which is the brilliance of the simplicity.”

  • What is different than what Paul Johnson does at GT/Navy/Hawaii/Ga. So.? Nothing. He’s been doing this for years, just not with the tempo that Kelly does. I still don’t get why folks are all up in arms about Kelly and his offense, like Shaw said “It’s not complicated”.

  • AeroAg2012

    The Dana Holgorsen and Kliff Kingsbury Air Raid offenses fit the exact same bill. Simple, time-tested plays that have little adjustments and packages that absolutely kill you. Exhibit A: Against Alabama, Manziel Fakes Speed Option, pulls up and it’s 4 Verticals and he has a man wide open. And with things like the old Double-China Seven combination, they can know what’s coming and still not stop it.

  • smartfootball

    I never said it’s any different. Show me where I said it’s inherently better than some other offense.

  • ch3

    It reminds me of a saying from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, “The man who knows 5 moves perfectly is more dangerous than the man who knows 1000.”

    If an offense knows 5 basic plays (that it can run out of a number of looks) that it executes perfectly, it is far more dangerous than a more complex offense. Especially against a defense that tries to get its players to learn dozens of blitz packages.

    This is what Saban completely missed when he made his comments about LA Tech. He’s made his career with complex overly contrived defenses. Now offense have figured out that stripping out everything extraneous and executing perfectly every play (as often and as fast as possible) is the key to beating those defensive schemes.

    Now it falls to the defenses. Strip the playbook down to its most basic and get the players to execute the concepts every play.

    Such is the evolution of football.

  • rosso dimontalcino

    Tom Osborne may have done as many as five things that well if the tripple option counts as three things but he could hang his hat on the few things they chose to put their focus on.

  • David Kilpatrick-White

    Sorry to be rude, but don’t challenge assertions/comments you don’t even understand or failed to finish reading. Your quote, ” I still don’t get why folks are all up in arms about Kelly and his offense, like Shaw said “It’s not complicated”.” Ignores the whole post: simplicity equals execution which leads to production. What is impressive about Kelly you ask? How fast he gets his players to execute that well. NOT BEING COMPLICATED IS THE WHOLE DARN POINT, sir. Shaw himself calls Kelly brilliant.