Smart Links – Mortality Rates, 4-2-5 straightline, Magic, Double-Stick Shovel, Fitzgerald – 8/20/2012

From Coach Joe, the stick/draw but with a shovel pass instead of a draw:

- Mortality rates for football players (and baseball players).

- Dave Raley on the future of defense: 4-2-5 straightline.

- Short story from F. Scott Fitzgerald.

- Former women’s soccer goalie Mo Isom might be LSU’s next kicker.

- Our long-time fascination with magic.

- Richard Posner on How much is enough?

- Will Apple TV crack the TV market?

  • Joe Lellinger

    Thanks for the F. Scott story.

  • stanbrown

    Jim Bates was using the 4-2-5 in the old USFL. So well that as soon as Spurrier found out he was back in coaching, he hired him to be DC for the Gators.