Smart Links – Manny Diaz, HGH, Les Miles, Herbstreit – 8/11/2011

Manny Diaz’s fire zones. Make sure to click on this excellent video showing examples of how to teach yourdefensive linemen to “run to daylight”.

Eleven Warriors is not impressed by Kirk Cousins.

The Colts’s Anthony Gonzalez thinks lots of NFL players are using HGH.

Jerry Hinnen has his preseason all-SEC picks.

Existence and the enigma of Les Miles.

Interview with Kirk Herbstreit.

Tarvaris Jackson’s second chance.

– Two from Jonah Lehrer: The Mystery of Mobs (depressing) and Are Your Co-Workers Killing You? (same).

Secularism and its discontents.

Difference between S&P and Moody’s.

ESPN gets “all-access” to Florida’s practices. Charlie Weis pontificates; Will Muschamp chews people out:

  • nTm

    that bit about the co-workers has me seriously considering getting up and out of my cubicle and leaving this place. They do let me have sweets and listen to my ipod, which is absolute heaven though . . .