Smart Links – Approval Matrix, Phil Steele, Illiteracy, Food Trucks – 6/4/2012

My radio hit with Doug Farrar and Rob Rang.

Iceberg lettuce remains in its rightful place while something else is surely mislabeled.

The greatest 7-on-7 team ever.

A great — and depressing — article.

Phil Steele ranks the SEC’s coaches.

What an article on bankruptcy looks like when the author has clearly never read through an actual bankruptcy docket.

The globalization of food trucks. A good thing, in my view.

George Soros’s buzzworthy speech on the euro and the Cliff’s Notes version.

MLB and boy shorts.

  • M. Brian Burchette

    While I agree with the NYT’s description of your work as brilliant, and “accessibly erudite”; I have to chuckle a bit whenever I picture someone like a David Sedaris or Adam Gopnik reading “The Essential Smart Football.” Congrats on the success; X’s and O’s are becoming highbrow and Manhattan chic thanks to you!