Smart Links – 9/23/2011

And the Valley Shook has a Q&A with me about WVU/LSU, along with its own preview. It’s of course similar in spirit to what I wrote for Grantland.

Catch-Man technique.

This is great.

Realignment insanity.

The 46 nickel and nickel tracer.

Tijuana sports hall of fame.

Nick Saban, decoded:

“All of a sudden we have to have a bigger package, because nickel used to be just for pass defense,” Saban said. “Now we’ve got to stop the runs out of it, so that started to grow.

“Now it’s gone even further. You specialize not only in matching the personnel, but now the situations within that, in terms of third-down, two-minute, red area, maybe when they get close to the goal line you play something else. Then you have a couple of different rush groups that may strictly be the best players you have to go execute something.

“It got harder to practice all that stuff.”

The finest life you ever saw, about Hemingway.

  • Jjohnson3203

    Outstanding article. Reading for the game Saturday against Arkansas.