Smart Links – 7/11/2011


This tattoo is very special, and is very Alabama.

Bill C. talks Texas Tech and baby faced OC Neal Brown.

How is Law School like the NFL draft?

Matt Waldman watches a lot of tape on Broncos receiver Eric Decker. But who will throw to him, if Orton is released or traded?

– Another good bit by Waldman: Evaluating the evaluator. Good outsiders’ perspective on how the heck to do evaluate talent well.

Ohio State: Keep the ring, but I’ll give back this trophy. Don’t worry about me. Really.

Will we drive self-driving cars? I’d happily outsource driving (assuming I won’t die).

Guided by Lit.

Mexico is doing better than you think.

Great Ken Auletta piece in the New Yorker about Cheryl Sandberg of Facebook.

Digital Love.

An old article, but a fantastic look at Karl Popper and the world (however bizarre and sheltered) of ideas.

  • 4.0 Point Stance

    Here’s the important distinction between law school and the NFL draft. In the NFL, earnings are incredibly front-loaded. Heck the average career is three years. That means if you take two guys who graduate from college the same year; one goes to NFL, one goes to law school, at the time the second guy is starting his career, the first guy will be retiring (or shuffling off to the CFL). Even with the CFL, that guy will be out of football entirely by age 30, 35 at the most. By then the lawyer will just be beginning to hit his stride in terms of yearly earnings.

    This occurred to me when I read the story about Deuce McAlister’s house being foreclosed on. Deuce was a first round draft pick, multiple time Pro Bowler, all time leading rusher for the franchise, a totally beloved figure in New Orleans sports. He had a big fat contract and all kind of incentives. Yet he’s maybe 35 and he’s already run completely out of money. His law school analogue would be a Harvard law review editor who got a job at a white shoe firm. That guy isn’t bankrupt at 35. Plus he still has his knees.