Smart Links – 5/2/2011

The all undrafted team. A couple are quite surprising. The sad part is with the lockout these are guys who have to sit on their thumbs and wait.

– Peter Bean goes all in on Jim Tressel, here and here.

– Someone unknowingly live tweeted the Bin Laden attack. I have to say among the many big winners last night, Twitter was among them. See this for the team that performed the strike.

Creative bookshelves.

More on “run fits,” an area of the game fans poorly understand.

Adults are betting on Pop Warner football. Just bizarre.

– How “dead money” haunts baseball teams.

– Airraid attack with a play-action twist? West Virginia had its spring game, and, oh, you know, Holgorsen’s offense scored 83 points (with some kind of strange scoring system he even claimed to not understand). Regardless, starting quarterback Geno Smith went 26 37 for 388 yards four touchdowns and no interceptions. But what jumped out to me from the video below were all the big plays off play-action. Video and more after the jump.

Famously, Mike Leach had one play-action pass that he used for eight-years — Y-Cross with the Z looping around to the opposite flat — but Holgo has taken the offense a bit more vertical. Check it out for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I vote for a post on all the details and specifics of the playaction passing game. The actions involved are all really interesting.

  • Jim_in_PGH

    Glad you enjoyed the highlights! The scoring system was standard for the offense, except for an extra point per first down converted. With the first downs taken out, the offenses still combined for 52 points on over 800 total yards. The defense got something like three points for turnovers and three-and-outs, and an additional point for other drive stops. Defensive coordination Jeff Casteel quipped in a post-game interview which he gave alongside Holgorsen that they’ll have to change the scoring system next year to give his guys a chance.

  • This Guy

    What would you call that? Air Pistol?