Smart Links – 4/25/2011

New England Patriots screen game:

Brophy with a bunch of videos, including Holgorsen/U of Houston practice film and Philadelphia Eagles/Indy Colts film.

Which universities spend the most on sports? Number one is UT Austin, at $112.9 million a year, followed by Ohio State, U. Florida, Louisiana State, U. Tennessee, Wisconsin-Madison, Auburn, Alabama, U. OK, and then USC, which is still spending $80 million a year.

Economics of the Jetsons.

Does nagging work? Unfortunately, yes.

Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden goes from student to teacher in the Airraid offense.

Rich Rodriguez muses on the spread offense.

Harold Bloom doesn’t want to be edited. (Me either, but I need it.)

  • Dan

    A little OT but:

    I was just thinking about how h.s. and college coaches think. A coach at these levels will usually take his 2 or 3 most athletic, aggressive, mobile big men and put them on the defensive line and then the next 4 or so will be made into offensive linemen. The remaining positions could go either way depending on need. At the lower levels sometimes they will go both ways.

    My point is that the better athletes, as a result of years of coaching decisions, are on the defensive line. So after the top 10 or so defensive lineman are taken, why not take one of the next 10 or so lower in the draft and convert him into an offensive lineman? Put him on the practice squad for a few years and develop the better the athlete over the experienced player.

    Just a thought.

  • Trevor

    Question on the screen rules. What is the reason for not throwing the rusher behind you. This was considered an absolute must when I was taught. Is this due to the level this is being taught at? That it gives the DL an immediate read and in NFL, the athlete can run it down once given this read? I would be very interested to hear thoughts on this.