Smart Links – 4/14/2011

Three links from Football Study Hall: Adjusted POE, Highlights Yards, and a LaTech Bulldog breakdown.

Brophy on Frontline on Football.

David Simon of The Wire fame opens up.

Very interesting post on the economics of scheduling cupcakes in football.

Les Miles kissed a pig on purpose.

Andy Staples on Keyshawn Johnson doing the 7-on-7 thing.

Purdue recalls its new mascot after like, an hour.

Houston Nutt, destroyer of quarterbacks.

The big Huffington Post unpaid blogger lawsuit looks like a loser.

  • Anonymous

    Great link on David Simon. The initial interview on BMJ was brilliant (right around the time when Simon testified before the Senate in 2009), but what he’s doing with ‘Treme’ seems to be a continuation of the same weaving of storylines and deep social analysis. His lectures (many available on YouTube) are just captivating.

  • Hharvey09

    Should have know the intellects of CB and brophy loved the Wire!

  • P.Lowe

    I’m a UGA fan. I would love for one day to see the spread offense run at UGA. In your professional opinion, if UGA were to get rid of CMR, what spread coach would you like to see coach at UGA: Gus Malzahn, Rich Rod, Mike Leach?

  • Mr.Murder

    The Houston Nutt conversation eclipses the event horizon in new realms of absurdity. Unfortunately people forgot to credit him with Tavaris Jackson as well. Eeeeeecccchhhhh.

  • Gambling Rob

    Thanks for this bunch of interesting articles, I’ll have plenty to do next time I’m bored at work 😉