Smart Football Blogpoll – Week Two…late edition

Well, I accidentally submitted this poll too late to count for the overall poll (seen here), though that is probably for the best. Mine was a bit of a monstrosity. Discussion follows the poll. I’ll be back on schedule next week.

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Southern Cal
4 Alabama
5 Penn State
6 Brigham Young
7 Boise State
8 Oklahoma State
9 Ohio State
10 Mississippi
11 Georgia Tech
12 TCU
13 Utah
14 Cincinnati
15 North Carolina
16 Nebraska
17 Notre Dame
18 Miami (Florida)
19 Oregon State
20 Kansas
21 Texas Tech
22 Missouri
23 Tennessee
24 Michigan State
25 Clemson

So, the first thing I did was eliminate every team that lost. Is that rational? I don’t think so, but the BlogPoll instructs that results are supposed to be about what happened on the field. Now, later on I will definitely count close losses, etc into a fuller vision of teams, but for now I thought I’d try this. Among the remaining teams I just employed my gestalt approach: a blend of likelihood of winning the big one, reward for playing well, and elements of a “power poll.”

Now it’s fair to ask, isn’t Georgia better than Clemson? Probably, but the teams will have to prove it on the field. Again, I’m not wedded to this “you lose, you’re out,” but I thought it fair for week one.

My only reservation is it rewards the cupcake schedules — teams that played good teams and lost like Georgia or Virginia Tech are penalized. But it is early in the season.

  • James

    I would argue that Okla St deserves to be ranked higher than BYU based mostly on the fact that OU is not the same team w/o Bradford and Gresham. OSU beat a complete UG team. Also, I would put Miami over Notre Dame solely based on the level of competition each faced.

  • Jack

    No LSU?

  • headsigh

    UNC clinging at 15 surprises me, only because the three teams in front of the had relatively good wins (sans Nebraska, whereas curbstomping a team that is in its fourth year of sun-belt play is just kinda awkward) while the Tar Heels were inactive in week one.

    I also think Iowa got kind of snubbed despite them being nearly beat by Northern Iowa (who is not a bad team, third seed in the FCS playoffs, first in the Gateway/Missouri Valley), but only because I think UNI was a better opponent than Montana State or Middle Tennessee, who Michigan State and Clemson played respectively.

  • Big McLargeHuge

    I know LSU played poorly, but so did others on your list (Ole Miss). Notice after LSU switched to a man coverage to start the second half, Washington only gained 65 yards before switching to a prevent for the last drive. Chavis adjusted and LSU looked better. Plus, Locker, a new coach, and not having classes to limit practice time before the game make a huge difference between Washington ’08 and Washington ’09.

  • BeastMode

    The lack of California in the poll at all (while including Oregon State who played cupcake Portland State as opposed to semi-respectable ACC foe Maryland) is the most glaring omission.

    Cal outgained Maryland 542 to 303 and produced six sacks throughout the game – while averaging 6.6 per carry. Pretty thorough dominance on both sides of the ball.

    Also, after watching Ohio State get pushed to the final minutes by Navy would make me hesitant to push them much higher in the top ten. Obviously this weekend’s game will tell much about both them and USC, but until then, even 8 seems a little high.

  • The Cal omission was a mistake. If my vote mattered (i.e. wasn’t late) I would fix it. I watched Cal obliterate Maryland; I think they looked very good and are probably the best bet to beat USC. My bad.

  • LSU could have been in there somewhere. I was probably being a bit too punitive on them playing, not poorly, but lackadaisical at times versus Washington.

    Watch out for this week with Vandy though. Vandy is now running the Gus Malzahn offense — they had 600 yards of offense and over 400 yards, though against a crappy opponent. The spread is 14 points; LSU should win but it might get interesting.

  • Brian

    Looks good to me. Missouri had the most impressive win of the Big 12 north schools though. I would have put them above Nebraska and Kansas. I think Nebraska will be good this year, but it is tough to tell how good when they play such a cupcake team.

  • KungFuPanda9

    The good news is, Ohio State loses to USC and will finally get back where they belong… JoJo

  • iggy


    I would clump NU, MU, KU together in the 18-20 range and flip a coin for who is on top. The XII North is going to be a dogfight between those three all year. The part of major suckage for NU fans is that NU travels to both Lawrence and Columbia this year. My heart says NU takes the North, my brain is still very undecided. I’m just happy to see the north in anyone’s top 25 at this point.

  • Casec11

    One thing that bothers me is the fact that Florida and Texas are ranked 1 and 2 and do not play a quality opponent the first 2 weeks. I understand that this is the first week and they will probably be ranked up there near the end because they are great teams, but give OKst, Alabama, BYU, and Boise ST some love.

    Also is it just me, or is the Mountain West better then many of those BCS conferences