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On what being no-huddle does — and does not — do for you:

So how did the [Oregon] Ducks win so many games and score so many damn points? Pace, of course. They employed the 2008 Oklahoma strategy of maximizing their per-play advantage by running more plays than anybody else. Pace is a beautiful weapon as long as you maintain that per-play advantage. Simply running plays quickly won’t matter if you’re going three-and-out; in fact, it can be detrimental to your cause if you are not good enough to employ the strategy. But Oregon figured something out and exploited it; with their success — and Oklahoma’s — I’m curious to see if or how other good teams attempt to take advantage of a seemingly worthy “Goliath” strategy. (I’m also curious how long it takes defenses to catch up and adjust.)

Read the whole thing. For more on the no-huddle and underdog versus favorite strategies, see here, here and here.

  • Shakinthesouthland

    #1 thing I’m worried about with Clemson going to a Malzahn system is whether we can effectively run the plays at the pace Chad Morris wants to run. If you’re going 3 & out every time, its a quick way to piss off your defensive coordinator and make him leave town after the season because of all the bad situations the defense gets thrown into as a result of you having a bad offense and doing this stuff.

  • We use the no-huddle for a number of different reasons than the College guys. We want more reps in practice-no huddle gives us that
    We want more reps on game days, to get our kids more snaps/playing time- no huddle gives us that. We average over 52 offensive snaps a game, 10 minute quarters while most youth teams average just 35, really important if you have minimum play rules or standards/goals
    We dont have time to put in a 2 minute offense- no huddle gives us that
    No huddle allows all our coaches to coach, they know what each play is before we run it. If they dont know the play ahead of time, they are just spectators- each coach has a role
    No huddle allows the Head coach to call audibles after we line up