New! Shop in the Smart Football Store

Smart Football now has its own online store, just in time for the holidays, featuring shirts, accessories, and more. It’s just getting started, but be sure to check it out and get some goodies for your friends, families, and — in the case of my coaching readers — staff. Check out the store here.

Be sure to keep checking the store as I hope to add new merchandise over the coming days and weeks. And don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any good ideas for products or items you’d like to see.

  • brophyfootball

    very cool, chris!
    way to go

  • Peter

    The diagram/logo shirt would drive me nuts trying to make sense of it. Why is everyone on the line? Why is the Z blocking on a pass play? Is it a screen where everyone else is running off the coverage? I would think that would mildly peeve most of the regular readers. Actual diagrams of important plays would be cool. So is the Air Raid one, but why no choices for the “three things can happen when you throw(…)”-minded readers?

  • smartfootball

    What you find with using actual plays is they are way too detailed and cluttered for design. Just gotta sit back and roll with it.

    And I hear you on some defense and smash mouth — those are on their way, this is just getting going.

  • smartfootball

    Thanks Broph

  • NoHuddleAirRaidForTheWin

    It also looks lthere would have been more than enough room to have H and Z off the LOS. I understand what you are saying about the diagram getting too cluttered, but that would only be the case if it were an RNS play diagram, or a Walsh play diagram. 2×2 smash would not have been that difficult to pull off IMHO.

    All that said, thank you for working to create the shop!

  • Might be cool to have a type of notebook or coaching tablet with the O-Line already drawn on the paper like some clinics have to give out. Something to take notes on at a clinic, with the ‘Smart Football’ logo on the front to advertise the site. Love the stuff so far.

  • Chris, where is the Run and Shoot T-Shirt with plays ?… C’Mon Man!

    Choice Special
    Choice Drag
    Go Swap
    Hook Special

    oh, and you can include “Draw” too and maybe Shuffle Pass…you know, so it is not so one dimensional 😉

    Love the Red Faught Shirt!