Keep the seat warm for me

Although something very important is happening soon — the start of football season — something even more important is happening for me: I’m getting married. Aside from my general good fortune, this also means that I’ll be out of the country on my honeymoon for the next few weeks, until the second half of September. So if you’re wondering why I’m not updating or writing for Grantland despite the start of football season, this is why. Both of those things will resume once I get back.

So keep the seat warm for me. In the meantime, the best way to get your Smart Football fix is through the book, The Essential Smart Football, available in paperback from Amazon and B&N and on Kindle, each at this link. If you have an iPad, iPhone or Android device, the Kindle application is free. It won’t be available for Nook until sometime after I return.

Lastly, I ask a favor of you, my readers: If during the first few weeks of the season you see anything that might be of interest — some strategy trend, scheme, tactic, communication method or anything at all — please mention it in the comments to this post. It’ll be the first thing I check when I return, as I try to figure out how things have evolved from last season and where they might go.

Thanks to you all, and see you soon.

  • brophyfootball

    WHOA!! Congratulations!!

    Wishing your new family generations of joy

  • Acid Reign

    …..Congratulations, and great wishes!

  • Congratulations. It’s OK if your bride keeps you occupied for the next few weeks.

  • NoHuddleAirRaidForTheWin

    Chris, congratulations! On the other hand, how in the world did you get talked into getting married during football season?? lol. Again congrats, hope it all goes well!

  • Raymond Dean

    congrats chris!

  • Congratulations! Don’t think about work while you’re away and enjoy!

  • Jerry Gordon

    If you werer a “real football guy” would have got married in June like most of us LOL..congrats

  • David Kilpatrick-White

    Congrats! enjoy the break

  • Shannon Bradley

    Congratulations Chris!

  • Congrats Chris you’ve acomplished the ultimate misdirection play…….convincing someone you were marriage material!! Best wishes!

  • just turned on the boise state/michigan state game. i’m noticing one thing right off the bat that you covered in the past – boise is not using nearly as much motion pre-snap. could be trying to keep things simpler for the inexperienced quarterback? i also noticed on a first down play in the second quarter they rushed MSU with not a single defender with a hand in the dirt.

  • Jesse

    Congrats Chris! Something I thought was interesting but maybe not worth an entire post: I think Boise checked to a blitz when MSU motioned to empty last night. Might have been similar to that Belichick blitz where two guys show in B gaps and then one robs the hot and the other blitzes based on the half slide. Maybe fits in the narrative of defensive adaptations to the spread.

  • Sixty Minuites on the first weekend of this month shows the Khan method of teaching, web tracking and software that allows teachers to track each student and where they need to get one on one teaching, while allowing others to develop at a faster pace from the same class. He tailored initial instructions to a dyslexic family member, on youtube is where he platformed those lessons, and it took off once Bill Gates mentioned it as a way to accelerate the instruction of his children. Gates and Google chief Eric Schmidt endowed the Khan teaching model and it has taken off since, a nonprofit offering free education to anyone interested, the “best available” education, tailored to each person’s capacity to move forward. He flipped homework and instruction time, and accelerated math in teaching “concepts” which once again hearkens to thew Tom Moore/Peyton Manning method of playcalling. In fact the Khan founder thinks the greatest compliments for teachers is to be thought of as “coaches” in helping students develop reason.

  • rosso dimontalcino

    June Jones using more five wide than four:
    Congratulations Chris. Blessings, joy, and peace to you both. I watched SMU at Baylor with curiosity to see how Garret Gilbert in June Jone’s system would work and also how Baylor is without RG3. Without counting (and I didn’t watch the first and fourth quarters), my impression was SMU used five wides much more than four. I don’t know if this is nothing new for Jones. To me, without really keeping track, they seemed better with a person in the backfield helping with protection while posing the threat of draw and also swinging out during a blitz. My recollection was the lesser used four wide formation was always trips with one backside wide instead of doubles. There were signs of hope (we have to consider Baylor’s relative talent in this evaluation) until SMU was in the red zone. And there were missed completions should have been caught. I recall all five wides in the red zone except one running play.

  • rosso dimontalcino

    And from what I recall not much pre-snap motion from Brent Pease either. And in that game BG’s defense didn’t have to worry about any vertical threats let alone three or four at a time–not that Pease’s QB’s looked confident enough to throw deep.

  • Congratulations Chris !

  • Congrats… I look forward to reading more when you’re back. My picks for the week:

  • James Deyerle

    First of all, Congrats!

    As for ideas, have you ever taken a look at the draw plays the Dallas Cowboys run with a real pass option? I’m not sure what Romo is looking for, but I’d be concerned that a DE or OLB could really mess up those plays on such a quick read. The season opener had a good example where the line was run blocking and Murray ready to run, but Romo tried to throw it to Witten. However, Witten ended up blocking so Romo had to scramble with the play busted. I think it was the last drive of the third quarter.

  • stanbrown

    might want to have a post on 2 pt conversion decisions after the Browns-Eagles game. Bill Barnwell says it was a no-brainer to go. Homer Smith would have said kick it.