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The transition, far too long in the works, is now complete. I will now be posting exclusively here at, as I had outgrown the old blogspot location. So update your bookmarks, links, and feeds. To immediately quell any fears, the blogspot site will remain open in perpetuity, as porting over all the archives was too hard and I also had no desire to shut any of that stuff down. Moreover, if you want to refresh your memory of some of the old site’s greatest hits (and keep up with what I’m writing elsewhere around the web or in print media), check out the Featured Articles page above.

Other than the new location and fancier digs, everything else should remain pretty much the same. I’ve flirted a bit with becoming a blogger for someone else’s platform, but for now I think it’s best to stay independent and just try to improve this site’s quality and visibility even more. I’m not quite yet, but the site’s readership has grown with an increase in my posting. In July 2007, we had a mere 10,000 hits; in July 2008, 20,000; and last month, July 2009, we had 170,000, and eight-fold increase over the prior year. I’m convinced that number can double at least another time.  I should have plenty of time to update frequently, at least until November, when my real job will pick up speed. But overall, it should be more of the same.

Of course, I’ve been writing a bit for Dr Saturday every Thursday, which will continue, and I hope to increase my reach elsewhere in the web as well. Moreover, I want to regularize a few features here, including possibly a detailed breakdown every Tuesday here, similar to what I’ve been doing for Doc Sat.

Lastly, I just want to thank all the readers here for your support and interest. I’m always amazed at how knowledgeable the commenters and emailers are, be it statistics, football history, or schemes and strategies. I’m convinced the Smart Football community is the smartest one on the ‘net, and that has very little to do with me. Stay tuned for plenty of content this week, and feel free to let me know what you think of the new design, and any suggestions.

  • Kevin

    Looking forward to the continued breakdowns. Just a question to toss out to anyone: when the spread starts to phase out, what will the next off. movement be toward? Or will the spread only “evolve” and never move out?

  • HAAL Fan

    I recently posed this question towards a couple of posters at a local prep sports blog as well as my friends who also coach at the high school level. I can’t help but think that the flex bone will be the next big thing. Once the spread loses its edge of unfamiliarity, of course. Football being what it is, revamping and presenting the past as the innovation of tomorrow, will look no further than Paul Johnson for their new “secret weapon”. It just seems like a logical step since so many teams consider themselves “option oriented” or “run first” spread offenses. You still have the four vertical threats in the passing game, the running threat at quarterback, and predominantly the same zone blocking schemes up front. However, you add more misdirection with the addition of two backs (assuming by “spread” we’re in a standard quads or trips open set) and the ability to power run in your base offense without throwing your quarterback in the mix, which also helps in the play action passing game quite a bit. Now that PJ’s at a big time school, both he and the flex bone offense will be receiving a lot more attention. I don’t know how it is for you guys, but high school coaches out here can’t help but bite on the “next big thing”.

  • Long-time reader, first-time commenter. I really enjoy your work, congratulations on the new digs! Looks great.

  • Homyrrh

    Great look, Chris. Same package, different wrapping, eh?’

    I saw the Reid comment in reply to my comment and a few others’ in your final Blogger comment; thanks for clarifying.

  • DrB

    Congrats, like the new look.

  • OldSouth

    The new digs look great. You know I’m still going to keep hasslin’ you to put up a forum though. Also, Orson Swindle loves to link over to you (as he should) and his new spot might help you get some free marketing. Congrats again on the growth of the site, I hope it continues and I look forward to peppering your comments in the future.

  • Silver Charm

    The smell of the fall Pig Skin just got a lot stronger.

    The only thing younger, fresher or more upwardly mobile than this site are the CANES!!!

  • kimberly

    Also a long-time reader, first-time commenter. Congrats on the new location, and thanks for reliably giving me something I enjoy reading. Thanks (horribly overdue)!

  • JoeBev19

    Thank you for having a site like this we can all learn from and for taking the time to be so selfless with your knowledge. I’ve learned a lot from checking this site daily! Keep them coming and congrats on moving up!