For the Win: Hook-and-Lateral… and Lateral

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater had won 46 straight games and three straight Division III championships. Last weekend, however, Buffalo State pulled out a hook-and-double lateral on 4th and 19 to help them topple UW-Whitewater for a 7-6 upset. Via CoachingSearch:

“That’s a play we practice every week, because it’s our last play type of play,” head coach Jerry Boyes said. “The kids executed it to perfection. It was a huge time, but something like that just doesn’t happen. You’ve got to practice those things. Through that, you give yourself a chance.”

Boyes called it the biggest win in the history of the program. Asked about his expectations coming into the game, Boyes wanted a measuring stick for his team. Surely, they passed the test.

“If you want to be the best, then you’ve got to play the best,” he said. “The opportunity came and we jumped at it. Win or lose, you’ve got to find out where you’re at. What better yardstick than going to play the No. 1 team in the land? Never afraid of a challenge.”

  • Great play. You can tell the well-coached teams because they come out and do this and don’t look like a bunch of idiots. There is a plan for every situation, even desperation 4th and 19.

    Has there ever been any talk about how “laterals” often go forward in football? In this the pitchman let the ball go at the 44 and the receiver pulls it in on the other side of the 45. It’s never flagged.
    I never noticed until I played rugby where the referees were extremely sensitive to this type of thing. American football-type laterals don’t fly there.

  • Same effect on a Wheel route from the curl/flat or all curl concept. Those wacky Air Raid types….