Drew Brees and the Saints’ pre-game chant

Get fired up…

Brees: 1; Chorus: 2
Brees: Win; Chorus: For You
Brees: 3; Chorus: 4
Brees: Win; Chorus: Some More
Brees: 5; Chorus: 6
Brees: Win; Chorus: Again
Brees: 7; Chorus: 8
Brees: Win; Chorus: Great
Brees: 9; Chorus: 10
Brees: Win; Chorus: Again
All: Again, Again, Again, Again!

(h/t CoachHuey.)

  • Mike

    Maybe Brees should take some more Saints players to train with the Marines

  • lions fan

    did they really have to get that amped for the lions?

  • Homyrrh

    Yeah, at that level, my paycheck would be enough counting for me.

  • Coach Tuna

    Good stuff. I still like “who we? Saints! Are we ready? We are New Orleans!” better!!!!

  • rtr

    Looks gay on paper, sounds awesome in practice. Wish i still didn’t know what they were saying


    this is great but joe horn started this…..he started getting the team hype…..he would do it soooooo great it would get the entire stadium hyped…..then they cut em….

  • Ian Flinn

    Dude they didnt cut him learn ur stuff he asked to be let outa of his contract then sign with the falcons you retard

  • tressa

    sooooo cool but looks stupid on paper.

  • Brees Fan

    On six it’s “for kicks”. not “again”.

  • New Orleans Born

    Joe Horn sucked and still sucks.

  • jimmy

    This is the chant that brees got from the marines.

  • Love it, Just love this chant. What’s great is the scream at the end “WE ARE NEW ORELANS”! OR “WE ARE THE SAINTS!”

  • Ruth

    Sounds even BETTER now that we are the CHAMPS!!!!

  • Charley

    After the parade tuesday, Brees taught everyone at Lucy’s the chant.


  • ryan

    Can’t wait till saints play

  • coach davis

    This chant captured the hearts of the entire sporting world for a short time…to call it anything but inspiring is idiotic

  • The UUT!

    Uber Gay.  That’s what your hottie cheerleaders are for.  Just because you play football doesn’t mean you should have your man card.

  • Anonymous

    While this chant is gay as shit, it’s ironic that some asshole that uses the terms “uber” and “man card” would call anything gay.

  • Dgspidermonkey1

    its 5 6 for kicks not agian

  • Brutalbruno

    but that’s wrong…
    5,6…win, for kicks

  • this guy

    its 5 , 6 win for kicks

  • Jimmymishoe92

    rumor has it drew is leaving saints going to dallas false or rumors  jimmy