Dick LeBeau shows you how to form tackle (sort of)

An in-game demonstration from the great Steelers (and here, former Bengals) defensive coordinator, versus the old Run and Shoot Houston Oilers:

  • Nick Dilonardo

    oh my god, if this happened today, can you imagine how much they’d hype it/talk about on ESPN – “tackle-gate” – should LeBeau be suspended/penalized for his tackle (insert breakdowns where you see his arm grab cloth and push down in the “tackle). 

  • Paul Meisel

    I’d love to have some footage of his days with the Lions.  Preferably a little bit from early career (with Night Train Lane playing the opposite corner) and a little bit from the end (with Lem Barney opposite).

  • Cromulent

    When I was a kid LeBeau’s name always came up when there was an opening at head coach. Since we’re talking about Detroit that was pretty often. But it never came to pass.