Deconstructing: Preview of Boise State vs. Oregon

Now up over at Yahoo’s Dr Saturday. Check it out.

  • OldSouth

    Postview: Is Chip Kelly more or less obligated to toss Lagarrette Blount off the team now? I liked Kelly as a coach but that was the worst start to a head coaching career imaginable, and Boise State played very, very poorly in their own right.

  • Justin S

    Any chance you will be doing a piece on how Boise stopped Oregon? Would love to read it.

  • Justin,

    I’m traveling and won’t be able to get much up before the games on Saturday. (I will put a post about this, but follow me on twitter for in game updates.) But the short answers from what I saw (just on initial view, no review of the tape) was (a) Boise whipped Oregon’s line — penetration on every play, flowed fast to the ball, and were aggressive, and (b) Masoli played poorly. He was very inaccurate until about the 3rd quarter (3 for 13 or so for about 12 yards at one point), which really hurt them for conversions and also because Boise’s secondary played the run. (At one point Chip Kelly called the same play action pass where the wideout just a ran a fade and stopped in the hole between corner and safety at about 18 yards twice in a row; Masoli was inaccurate both times, throwing one that was catchable but the receiver couldn’t keep his foot in bounds — which should never have been an issue — and the other at the receiver’s feet.)

    Masoli also made several bad reads in the run game, including their 4th and 1 near the end. I’d have to look at it again, but I don’t know why he didn’t keep the ball.

    Poor line play and poor quarterback play is the best way to play poorly in any offense, but especially so with the spread.

    Like I said, these are initial thoughts. Might change later if I could review the tape.

  • Ron

    I agree with Chris’ points. I don’t think it can be exaggerated how terrible Masoli looked last night. The one play where he literally froze for a second after receiving the snap before staring down his receiver and throwing an interception while getting hit was absolutely bizarre and more or less summed up the Duck’s night.

  • Justin S

    Thanks Chris! I love the blog (keeps me coming back several times a day).

    Masoli did look really poor, I was wondering if they were throwing so much because Boise was doing something special against the zone runs.

  • Hyperbole

    @ Ron that was supremely looked to me like he froze twice, once when he recieved the shotgun snap and a second time when he stepped to his right just before he threw the pick… Oregon’s line on both sides of the ball were getting manhandled…Their D-line appeared to be rollerskates the whole night.

  • Aarnout

    Didn’t you think it was odd that Oregon went to the outside zone as often as they did instead of inside zone? They ran inside zone only about 4 times (twice near the goalline where they scored). I understand that it could’ve been their gameplan to run more oz, but it still strikes me as odd for them not to try the iz more when it used to be their go-to play.