Brian Kelly it is: UC coach to take over Notre Dame

I will have more to say about this, but, in the end, he’ll be compared to the man below, for better or worse. Strap up.

  • Charles

    Can you do an article showing the difference between Charlie Weis’ pro passing attack and Brian Kelly’s spread? Also, could you explain the difference between Dayne Crist in the spread vs. Jimmy Clausen in the pro offense?

  • John

    I doubt Kelly will be compared to Holtz, at least immediately, The bar has been set so low that it’s hard to imagine moderate success not being lauded.

  • RtownCoacher

    That is some good stuff in that video there.

  • Spy Scheme

    Very tough assignment for Kelly. Expectations are high even with the Weiss mediocrity of recent years and the personnel level is not good.

    However more and more things or incidents keep surfacing that indicate Weiss was not the man for the job so Kelly can not be any worse.

    If that is any consolation.

  • Dave

    I understand the questions here about Kelly and his offense. But he can’t a silk purse out of sow’s ear. Kelly didn’t turn Kent Smith into an air ace. The QB that followed Curt Anes at GVSU was no great shakes either. If there is offensive talent in South Bend behind Clausen and Tate he’ll use it. But I can flat out guarantee you’ll see a better ND defense in 2010. Especially the linebackers.

    And if he decides to give Chuck Martin another chance to join him as a DC the stop unit transformation will happen all the faster.

    For a preview of the 2010 ND defense go back and look at the improvement in run D at CMU under Kelly.

    As a GVSU fan I kinda hope Martin stays. He and Kelly have put together a helluva legacy there. If Akron were smart they’d be calling Martin. If Butch Jones decides to jump Mt Pleasant should go back to the Lakers.

    I’ve never liked ND – I’m a Michigan slappy. But I’ve been following Kelly’s work for about 8 years now. East Lansing and Ann Arbor are going to pay for their arrogance.

  • Mr.Murder

    Kelly coaching spread means the plethora of spread players in HS now have a national coach!

  • P’d off

    Brian Kelly sold his sole to the devil….. being notre dame… the reason why ND sucks isnt coaching… its no-one wants to play for a losing, square, no conference having bunch of losers…. I cant wait for ND’s next yrs final losing record and UC still playing winning football. whats wrong with at least staying to finish the season at uc? I just dont get the selfish motives of kelly to leave his players, fans, and contract behind with just one game left… especially because it’s the biggest game in uc football history… so i hope, pray, and ultimately cant wait for ND’s and especially Kelly’s failure in the future.

  • Mr.Murder

    So, when does Kelly ask Texas Tech to pony up some games for the next few seasons?