Breaking down the Buffalo Bills’ game winner

It’s up over at the Grantland blog:

The route concept the Bills used on the play is an old West Coast offense staple: the “drive” concept. On the play, the outside receiver, usually in a short motion (just as Nelson was) comes in motion toward the line of scrimmage and runs a crossing route. An inside receiver will push straight upfield to 10 to 12 yards and break across (on this play, the Bills used a man-to-man technique where the receiver turned outside but pivoted back inside), while a third receiver, in this case the running back, ran to the flat.

Read the whole thing. I should have a longer feature up over there later this week.

  • Jon

    Love that you are doing more NFL stuff

  • Mr.Murder

    Could not stand how the defense sat in a zone for the most part inside of two minutes until there was no throw room and so many people split out that you really could not trail defenders in man on crossing routes on the release of nearby players.¬† Even if they gave up an early score it would have left time to at least get Janikowski’s long FG range. Bad time management by the defense.¬†Plus they had no middle defender with all those pick and mesh looks going on, why get one of your best and most instinctive under coverage guys reached on a block when you send the MLB over a guard or center???