A page from Gus Malzahn’s (and Cam Newton’s) playbook (literally)

Say what you will about Cam Newton, but don’t tell me that Auburn doesn’t have NFL pass plays in its playbook (answer, they do).

Straight out of the playbook.


  • Mr Potato Head

    Less complex is far superior than more complex. People in all walks of life will tell you that. it is probably more true in football.

    In 2007, the NFL Pats were the first team ever to run >50% of their plays from a shotgun……guess what? That is the highest scoring team in history.

    No doubt spreads QBs are likely to struggle in the NFL……which is no fault of the player. It is the NFL that should take a long hard look at itself, there are hardly any college teams running pro stuff, pro stuff is hopelessly dated, requires no athleticism by the QB, the NFL actually discourages it….HA!

    The NFL is scraping the bottom of the barrel for QB talent precisely because nobody runs their garbage anymore. The Pat’s proved a spread does work…..Brady runs Texas Techs offense half the time and the line is spread.

    If and when Newton fails, it will be a failure of the NFL, not of Newton.

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  • http://twitter.com/MichaelProcton Michael Procton

    “Requires crappy athletes, huh?” Give me a break.

  • http://twitter.com/MichaelProcton Michael Procton

    Horrible? Really? He was in the top seven in the league three different times.

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