Run and Shoot in Action: Mouse Davis Passing Game Cut-Ups

The Run and Shoot remains one of the most powerful offenses ever invented, and is well worth studying:

The above clips show some of the key concepts in the ‘Shoot, versus various coverages.

I have a chapter in The Essential Smart Football on how teams have assimilated run and shoot concepts to today’s game. In addition, I’ve written extensively on the shoot; below are some good links.

Run and Shoot “Go” Concept
– Smartfootball: Run and Shoot Series Part 1: Intro
– Smartfootball: Run and Shoot Series Part 2: Seam Read and “Go”
– Smartfootball: Run and Shoot Series Part 3: The “Choice”
– Smartfootball: Run and Shoot Series Part 4: The “Streak”
– John Jenkins’s Houston Gamblers (USFL) QB Manual — A must read.

  • The Jenkins Playbook even charts their output vs. varied fronts/schemes, extremely helpful for choosing particular concepts against predominant cover schemes. The core of it was four plays repped repeatedly. Go, Slide, Choice, Switch. Special was like a Switch of the two inside players to a side after motion(prefer to call it Swap).  His philosophy entails aggressive football, read his thoughts on passing between the 20 yard markers, now everyone plays this way. Choice is their Y Cross, for Air Raid comparisons. Slide is their bubble screen, something every team now uses to keep the alley defender honest. Switch is similar to Slide, the Giants won it all with that concept vs. man under. Go still puts horizontal pressure on the outside flat.

  • Elijah Deremer

    Man, that one step drop being used by the QB is pretty funny looking