Q&A on Holgorsen’s West Virginia “Airraid”

It’s up over at the great Clemson blog, ShakintheSouthland, in anticipation of the Orange Bowl between Clemson and West Virginia.

One clarification: In the Q&A I say I “agree” with Holgorsen’s preference for fullbacks over tight-ends. It should say that I “disagree”:

In a perfect world, tight-ends and H-backs are more versatile than fullbacks. I like two-back sets, but in a perfect world I’d prefer more of a double-halfback or runningback/wing-type-back combination. But of course there are talent and recruiting limitations everywhere except the NFL.

But with that clarification go check out the whole piece. And don’t forget there are other good coordinators in the Orange Bowl, Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris and defensive coordinators Kevin Steele and Jeff Casteel are each excellent.