Noel Mazzone’s Offensive Philosophy and Inside Zone with Built In Quick Screens

Good stuff from former NC State, New York Jets and Arizona State assistant and current UCLA offensive coordinator, Noel Mazzone. Particularly good stuff on practice philosophy and how to have base plays and how to solve problems (i.e. with constraint plays). Says he goes into a game with no more than about 32-35 plays, total. Also, make sure to watch the eighth and last video, as it covers Mazzone’s packaged concept where he combines a quick three-step pass combo with a slow screen to the other side, which I’ve discussed previously.

Update: The videos have been taken down. There’s a comment that the clinic asked the person who uploaded them to take them down; if so, I didn’t know they were uploaded without any permission. I will try to address some of Noel’s stuff in the future on here.

  • jon wagner

    These are just awesome, also a website did a break down of Noel’s offense.

    Are they running Noel’s spread offense out at UCLA or is it going to be one-backed base.

    Whats wrong with Brian Kelly’s system, wasn’t he an “offensive genius”?

  • Alex Kirby

    Is he running through the cutups with an XBox controller?

    I just noticed that.

    Great stuff as always, Chris.

  • ric

    love this stuff. thanks a lot, coach

  • smartfootball

    I’m confused by the reference to Brian Kelly’s offense. Did Noel mention it in the videos? If so I missed it.

  • As an ASU fan I enjoyed watching Noel’s offensive the last few seasons. However my biggest complaint was all the “horizontal” stuff. They would throw that backwards swing pass to the RB at least a half dozen times a game.

    It cost them against Oregon 2 years ago after an incompletion (which actually turned out to be a fumble), no one from ASU ran to cover the ball. One alert Oregon defender scooped it up and ran untouched into the end zone.

  • theyoungballcoach

     They are running the same system they ran at ASU at UCLA

  • theyoungballcoach

     They are running the same offense that he ran at ASU at UCLA

  • Brett Dudley

    I thoroughly enjoyed the vids, great job!

  •  Brian Kelly’s offense will be just fine this year

  •  You can use an XBox controller with Hudl

  • great find Chris! too bad the person that uploaded it didn’t use VIMEO…No annoying breaks!

  • jon wagner

    Ironically, the traffic from this site brought it to the attention of the clinic he recorded, and they threatened to file a copyright claim and he had to take it down.

  • anyone know where to find this video?