Deconstructing: The search for the perfect spread QB

I have a new bit up on Yahoo! (belatedly, after I sent the wrong draft… I owe the good Doctor mightily) comparing how Gus Malzahn uses Cam Newton to how Rich Rodriguez is using Denard Robinson. Hint: Newton’s favorite play is the inverted veer or dash package, while Denard’s is the outside zone.

Check it out. (Make sure the version you read begins with “Sometimes, in college football….” The first version that went up was based on an earlier draft, and was incomplete (my fault).)

  • anon

    Fantastic stuff. Glad to see you writing again

  • Mike W.

    Great article, Chris.

    I remember from earlier posts that TCU also runs the inverted veer, and that UF used it as well when they were more of a running team (although I think they ran Tebow outside and the back inside). Pretty cool how the same ideas flow around the game.

    I’m guessing the standard defensive response to the veer is to run that scrape exchange (i.e., the defensive end crashes down and lets the linebacker automatically play the outside player)? Of course it depends on who you want to keep the ball, but I would imagine defenses would start here.

  • Mark

    Excellent write up Chris. I will say my Auburn friends that are very knowledgeable about football have said Newton is the best athlete to set foot in Jordan-Hare since Bo Jackson and that is coming from people who never talk that way. It will be interesting to see how things progress with that offense as Gus and Newton come into their own.

  • adam

    What is the dash package?