Watch the left guard

While watching the clip below, that’s all you need to do: watch the left guard.

Getting excited for football season.

  • Good Lord, it can’t get here soon enough. Being of WV extraction … bring on the B12!

  • NoHuddleAirRaidForTheWin

    Can’t wait for WSU-Oregon. They might set a record for combined points and yards. 

  • smartfootball

    Eh, Leach won’t exactly hit the ground running this fall. It’s unfair to expect WSU to suddenly be the 2008 Texas Tech Red Raiders, which is what it looked like roughly a decade after he was there. Give him a few years, first.

  • loving it  i think the ducks are going to switch to a pass first offense though

  • Leach is interviewed as using pistol more, will probably generate a lot of the same looks.

  • NoHuddleAirRaidForTheWin

    I don’t expect them to be the 2008 Red Raiders by any stretch, but I expect him to have the offense firing on all cylinders fairly quickly. Considering that he has 10 years of head coaching experience at the Division 1 level, as well as the 2 years away from coaching to reflect on what went well and what did not go well during those first 2 years, I think he will have them competing at a high level much sooner than had Texas Tech competing at a high level at the beginning of his career.

  • NoHuddleAirRaidForTheWin

     Why do you think that?