Fantastic inside zone and “pin-and-pull” outside zone cut-ups

Under former coach Glen Mason, Minnesota, while not a great team, was one of the best rushing teams in the entire country during that time. And while they had some very good backs — including both Lawrence Maroney and Marion Barber III at the same time — they did it by being extremely simple: the inside zone and the outside zone, primarily with “pin and pull” blocking. Below are some great game film cut-ups of both:

Inside Zone:

Outside Zone:

Also check out this clinic about Minnesota’s inside zone. And check out this Xs and Os labs report on the outside zone.

  • Philip Garcia

    Good clips… Thanks for presenting on the web.
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  • Duh9

    This is a dumb comment and late night ramblings, but could a Coach try to dictate where the lanes would be, as opposed to letting them happen naturally….like on WZ rather than the covered playside guard working up to the linebacker, could you run WZ all the same but switch the rules, have the uncovered C work up to the LB and teach the covered G to sort of slow play the reach block…in other words letting the DT get outside flow, but then simply wash him out of there to SL and the back cuts up just as he would naturally if he read it that way, but with this being more of a pre-determined concept….I bring this up with the question of whether or not a garden-variety HS RB could make the reads on his own consistently…so it’s sort of merging zone with the idea of telling the RB where to go.

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