Alex Gibbs Denver Broncos (Terrell Davis) Outside Zone Cut-Ups and Explanation

As always, very good (somewhat old) stuff from Alex Gibbs on the outside zone running play. Note that Gibbs recently rejoined the Broncos as a consultant.

Of course there’s a lot more where that came from. (Hat tip to togfootball.) Also try eight hours of Alex Gibbs talking with Dan Mullen, Steve Addazio and others at the University of Florida several years back:

  • elijah

    Alex Gibbs’ material is first class, and its amazing that you can find it on the internet.

    Quick question: how come we have to pay to read all of some articles now?

  • Daniel fontenot

    When I played football in middle school I played guard. Videos like this make me wish I would have continued growing.

  • Mr.Murder

    Love inside more(longer runs), three yards and a cloud of dust turns into three guys moving laterally and a cutback. Not nearly complex as is made to be. If the backside cut gets ruled out teams need some constraint call from those players(tunnel/bubble screen) to work landmarks on so the defense mirrors and stays off frontside runs under new rules?

  • Mr.Murder

    Still wonder how rules changes affect it. Good bit of WCO changed with down/cut rules changes. The key to OZ is you cut the backside so much the D line plays on skates and pops straight up to move better. Then you run right at them on IZ and get movement and spring big runs out the backside.

  • Mr.Murder

    Is it possible to convert OZ force to a kick out on power for the playside back? Seems like both go to the end of line and find the force man outside that point. Would it be the easiest way to convert from either system?