Quarterback drills with Missouri’s Dave Yost, guru, dude

Let’s play a little pitch and catch with Mizzou offensive coordinator, Dave Yost (h/t Spreadoffense):

When asked how he felt about losing Blaine Gabbert early to the NFL, Yost shrugged his shoulders and recalled an earlier time in his life when things got tough and how he resiliently bounced back.

In seriousness, I once referred to the title of Missouri quarterback as a “glamour position” in college football, and it’s proven to be that, with each of the past three signal-callers (including potential number one overall pick, Blaine Gabbert), making it to the NFL. Whoever Missouri chooses as quarterback for this fall will do well, not least of all because of Yost’s tutelage. They should just use a little more play-action to boost that average yards per attempt.

  • Your run game needs to be a bit of a bigger threat than Mizzou’s does before that play-action really takes effect. The book on defending the Tigers last year was to drop eight into coverage and force the run.

  • It certainly didn’t help that the team booted their returning rushing leader a couple weeks before the season. But the run game was a larger part of Missouri’s offense as the year went on.

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    Long story short,

    September: 49.5% Run on Standard Downs, 21.0% Run on Passing Downs
    October: 44.2% Run on Standard Downs, 33.7% Run on Passing Downs
    November: 65.7% Run on Standard Downs, 32.9% Run on Passing Downs

  • Ted Seay

    “Conceivably, Dave Yost is a descendant of fabled football coach Fielding ‘Hurry Up’ Yost, architect of a ‘point a minute’ offense at Michigan at the turn of the 20th century.

    “Legend has it, after all, that Fielding Yost appears on the family tree somewhere. And, heck, they spell the last name the same.

    “Then again …

    “‘I claim nothing.’ Dave Yost said, laughing.”


    …and there you have it — a (possible) link with pre-1905 football greatness, and a sense of humor/proportion about himself and about the concept of greatness in football.

    Now if he’d just start focusing more on the no-huddle aspect of his offense, we could start calling him “Hurry Up Yost II”…