New Grantland: Back to School: How Mike Shanahan Is Using RG3’s College Offense With the Redskins

It’s now up on Grantland:

Coaching is about putting players in positions to succeed. Griffin’s potential is nearly limitless, but as a rookie playing his first game, he’s not Tom Brady just yet, and asking him to throw 40 or 50 traditional drop-back passes was not going to give Washington its best chance to win. Shanahan has clearly gone into this year with an open mind — something many otherwise excellent pro coaches don’t do often enough — and he’s blended his tried-and-true West Coast/zone-blocking offense with some of the best andsimplest principles Griffin executed so well at Baylor.

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  • Thought maybe the Jets would go this direction with their swift footed QB’s as well. Shanny is basically playing copycat to guys like Dana H. because he sees how fast the system plays(rules these days encourage tempo) and it stresses defenders to each section of the field with help on assignments to the other areas. Thus you get the classic West Coast Offense horizontal percentages, angles, execution, and combine it with leveraged/isolation routes like you see from more vertical systems like Coryell/Gillman for vertical emphasis, and still attack defender rules on helping the run. Someone has to help on another field section and a constraint play is attacking their primary responsibility the same time.

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