Smart Football Podcast 8/31/09

I did a post-cast with the brilliant Bill Connelly of Rock M Nation (and Football Outsiders). Wherein we discuss (me incoherently, Bill with great precision) the following:

1. Missouri vs Illinois
2. The future of Missouri’s spread offense moving from Chase Daniel to Blaine Gabbert
3. The role (and limits) of college football analysis and statistics
4. Rich Rodriguez and NCAA practice rules
5. A PTI-style, Big 12-themed rapid fire round

Thanks again to Bill for running the show. The technical kinks are still to be worked out (including my sounding like I’m telecommuting from the Ozarks), but enjoy the foolishness.


Smart Football/RockMNation podcast 8/31/09

(Note that I was having issues with the embedded audio. If it’s not working I’ll work on it, but the download link should work.)

  • Mike

    I would love to see you do more podcasts.

  • podcasting now?! Holy crap, YOU ARE THA MAN, Chris!

  • Joe

    Chris, Would love to hear podcasts from you but the sound wasn’t up to par…

  • Joe,

    Agreed. It’s my fault because I was supposed to buy a microphone but didn’t have time (plus my computer has been untrustworthy recently). Next time I’ll be better equipped.

  • theobr

    We must try all