Tim Brown was a true technician at wide receiver

Watch this video and marvel at what an amazing job he does defeating the technique of each defender on him. He uses specific techniques against man and zone. By NFL standards he wasn’t an unbelievable athlete, but he didn’t need to. This is how you put up over 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns at age 35 (and over 900 yards at age 36).

(H/t Waldman.)

  • Mr.Murder

    Really gets into stride limit mode if a defender is over him at the LoS.

  • Aaron B.

    I still can’t believe that Brown (and Cris Carter… Willie Roaf… and a number of other obvious players) isn’t in the Hall.

  • Lance Davis

    And he did this with 22 (!) different QBs in Oakland and Tampa Bay (by his count). Aside from Rich Gannon and maybe Jeff Hostetler (and that’s a big maybe), the best you could say about his QBs were that they were  “serviceable” and/or “game managers.” Just imagine if he and Jerry Rice switched careers. There’s a better than decent chance we’d be wondering why Rice isn’t in the HoF.

  • Panama Williams

    His route running is as good as that of anyone I’ve seen.  The man was one hell of a football player.  He definitely deserves to be in the HOF.  Maybe he’ll get in someday.

  • sickand888

    Tremendous punt returner with the Irish!