Purdue (Joe Tiller, Ed Zaunbrecher, Curtis Painter era) Quick Passing Game Cut-ups

The below cut-ups are of Purdue’s quick passing game from the 2006 season. Although Purdue threw for 4,000 yards that season, they’re not the greatest cut-ups in terms of offensive execution as it was Painter’s first year as a starter and Purdue had begun its decline under Tiller. But I think it’s very good teaching tape because the the passing concepts are very common ones, the formations — two-by-two, ace, trey, trips, etc — are used by virtually every team in football, and as a result the film is very good for studying the defenses. And in that vein if you watch the film by studying the alignment and techniques of the safeties, whether you can spot the blitzes pre-snap, and where the soft spots in the defense are, you can then begin analyzing where you would’ve gone with the football. Many of these quick passes here are checks at the line; as a result it’s good to think about whether they were the right checks and the right decisions on where to throw the ball.

I’ll also say that some of the struggles in the clips are good evidence of why I think pass concepts need to be “packaged” so that there are frontside and backside concepts. They do this a couple of times with X-Choice and X-Smash, but they don’t control the middle of the field. In any event it’s good film. Below I’ve included diagrams of the major pass concepts used in the clips.

Part 2 is below:

  • GreatOdinsRaven


  • Peter Bernstein

    chris, i’ve watched about 4 plays, and I’m starting to wonder, why, if these are checks at the line, is Painter checking to 6 man protection 3-step routes into drop 7 cover 2, no apparent blitz showing?

  • Kenny Koberstein

    Can certainly see why Kiper fell in love with Painter, impressive zip on his balls. Not agreeing with his assessment in any way, but it does pop on film.

  • Derek Yoder

    How do you get access to films like this (i.e. coaches game film) from these programs?

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  • Devora Decker

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