How Florida’s offense might evolve with John Brantley

My analysis is available over at Dr Saturday. It includes an in-depth look at the “levels” concept against a couple of pass coverage, and hypothesizes how Florida might use a true pocket passer instead of the multi-talented Tim Tebow.

  • Mr.Murder

    Use multidimensional skill players on the lateral handoff to move the pocket out and let them execute easy single option reads.

    Use more lateral screens as well.

    Both items can change the focus for where the ball will be.

    Then the passer can still remain within a range of launch points near the pocket because he has a range of constraint plays used to keep the defensive focus along the line of scrimmage.

  • Gus Mitchem

    There is a good article quoting some first hand accounts from football concussion sufferers. From the Lubbock paper. Important these guys put the recovery time at more like four to six weeks

  • The Original C

    Chris, i remember an article that you wrote this past offseason calling out RR a bit for not having a sophisticated passing attack. Now that half the season is over and that we have a QB who seems like an actual passer with poise and accuracy (for a freshman) what is your take on this year’s passing O. I don’t know if you have watched any of our games, and if so it would be real nice to get your perspective on things.

    Our WRs have had a few great moments, but they seem more ordinary that great, this i guess is an issue of both talent and passing scheme/coaching, but how do you see this?? Thanks!!