New Grantland: What Drafting Matt Barkley Means for Chip Kelly’s Plans for the Eagles

It’s up over at Grantland:

Kelly’s staff in Philadelphia further supports this view. Kelly said he wanted offensive and defensive coordinators with NFL coordinator experience, and in Pat Shurmur and Billy Davis, that’s what he got. Throughout this offseason, Kelly has made clear that he wants the Eagles to be something of a laboratory for football ideas, whether it be X’s and O’s or the science of peak athletic performance.

But this line of thinking still has to be tempered with a bit of realism. Kelly is clearly bright, committed, and open-minded, but the idea that he can step into the NFL and runany offense — spread, pro-style, West Coast, Coryell, Wing-T — seems implausible. He shredded college football running a very specific attack based on very specific principles, and the mathematical advantage he gained from having his quarterback be at least some kind of a threat to run was a central tenet. He might be able to adapt his offense to his players and coaches, but this is not the same thing as continuing and growing what worked at Oregon.

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  • Bruce Webster

    Glad to see you back, Chris. I was starting to get a bit worried there. 🙂

  • John Newhouse

    Yea, I mean this in the least creepy way possible: I missed you, Chris.

  • I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s more time for people to click on my stuff when you’re absent, but I’m glad you’re back!

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  • Duh9

    He was brought in to do what he did at Oregon. Barkley is a backup plan if either it doesn’t work OR in the case of injury. As of now, Vick is not reliable health wise. Chip is no doubt knowledgeable in all types of offense, but his money and NFL reputation will be earned or dissolved with bringing Oregon to the NFL. If he does scrap it and is still successful, more power to him…he will prove his greatness at the highest level. Foles should not be discounted either…I would take him over Barkley every day of the week at this point…as of now, I disagree with picking Barkley. Value or not, there was someone else there that could help them.

  • HEy coach, can you explain the mechanics of running double slants? Also can you go over the pattern vs cover 3 and cover 2

  • Mr.Murder

    Seems like his plans always know how to get skill into space. The WCO essentially became incremental in terms of making adjustments to underneath coverage, freeing one player with high percentage catches(returning to the ball, most often). Was part of Cam’s ouster in Baltimore, because the trend is going back up the field. Kelly used a lot of horizontal stuff(screens) on presnap reads. He still went down the field after the snap, a lot, and a lot of his concepts seem to match more of Holgorsen’s in blending concepts. Merging H or Y sail into all curl, etc. What got the chalk back to Kelley/Dana was jet action pistol, putting deeper backfield actions so they could make an edge defender wrong by extra steps. Then, place force in a bind, using arc blocking for alley defenders to the formation, it forces the support players into reading pass keys while his line did pure OZ/IZ for most of the plays to give conflicting runs keys to the core. Put a beater to each side, game their keys at the same time. Their incremental work is outside on screens and sweeps, often behind their side of the ball. Not unlike the Mumme smoke screen, take whatever they give when it is that easy, and it makes the field play for width exponential. New comp here, so avatar/settings may be different from my usual for a while….

  • Barry Hoover

    Yeah, studying the Oregon passing concepts, I was not overly impressed, but I am sure Kelly will be more than fine with Pat Shurmur as his OC to incorporate the NFL passing concepts.