Plays (I think) I saw West Virginia run against UConn

In the spirit of Paul Johnson, below are the scans of what I saw Dana Holgorsen’s offense do against UConn. Keep in mind that, despite the gaudy stats, UConn’s defensive line largely controlled if not dominated West Virginia’s front, so that may have affected the tactics.

Take the doodles with a grain of salt, however, as they are merely based on a review of the television broadcast.

Video and more doodles after the jump.

  • Is that 2 slant/sluggo type of options route on the 3rd doodle ? If so, could you breakdown this play and explain vs which defensives look those routes should be slants and when they should become sluggos ? Doesn’t seem that obvious to me.

    Great, great website btw. A must of my RSS feeds. Loved your article on Al Davis vertical spacing concepts too.

  • Iron Phenix

    dont want to be a smartass but the first drawing  (1 row, 1 Column) if the back relase on the weak side with the over coming to the weak side(boudary) his patern should be arrow( 3 yds depth to the boundary)   if he has to relase to the strong side (field) with the under comming that way bubble (flare) shoudl be the way to go. We run this play a lot from at least 4 formation.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Iron. Which drawing is that? The first doodle in the second set of plays or the first set? In the first set of plays the second drawing there is (supposed to be) a play-action roll/half-roll; in the second set it’s the old Airraid “shallow” concept.

  • Iron phenix

    Sorry for that… the second set of doodle the one with ( Starting from left skinny post, under route, Over Rout, Go) the shallow

  • Tim

    That’s Air Raid “shallow,” which has been around forever. Using Tony Franklin progression – hot, shallow, dig, shoot (RB’s route).