Paragraph of the Day: Cal Bears/Packaged Plays Edition

The highlight of [Cal’s] practice for me was during the team periods I was standing about 5 yards away from Tony Franklin. I was right next to him so I could hear each play call. What was slightly shocking to me was how often they attach quick game concepts on the backside of runs. Nearly every single run play there is a quick game or screen component tied on to the backside, and sometimes routes are tagged frontside as well. They call quick concept backside so often that they actually have to call/signal for the backside to BLOCK when they just want a designed run play. The hot new thing is combo [a.k.a “packaged”] plays … 2 in 1 or even 3 in 1 plays… EVERY PLAY is a 2 in 1.

Read the whole thing here.

  • Abner Yang

    what happened to the post??

  • rdubs

    Did Cal’s coaches get mad and ask for it to be taken down?

  • Hey Chris. Here’s my video on the Cal Offense from the Spring Game:

  • Hey Chris, here’s my video on the Cal Offense at The Spring Game:

  • Problem with packaged plays is like the Todd Haley downside, bait a team to throwing on their worst guy. To defend the run option, take away easiest gain and pick the worst of two other runners. Contain the pass option, void over the weakest target, rally to him on the quick throw.