New Grantland: The Case for Baylor’s Robert Griffin III

It’s up over at the Grantland Blog:

Robert Griffin III should win the Heisman Trophy. From Baylor’s first game this year, when he shredded Gary Patterson’s vaunted TCU defense for 359 yards and five touchdowns, Griffin has consistently been the best performer in college football. He’s only a couple yards shy of 4,000 for the season, he’s set an NCAA record for passing efficiency, and the former track star has rushed for 644 yards and nine touchdowns just for good measure. (Keep in mind “track star” isn’t just a way to say he’s fast; Griffin is literally a track champion.) Oh, sure, stats are stats — what matters is whether he’s a winner, right? Well, he won nine games at Baylor, a team that hasn’t done that since 1986. But is he clutch? Oh yeah, that. He’s clutch.


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  • Best analysis I have seen yet. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mr.Murder

    In an interview on the field directly after a game perhaps two or three weeks back, Baylor’s gifted passer GriffinIII talked of his reads. He looks at the top of the defense and attacks. This eliminates confusion over site hots, because once guys stem up the field the leverage becomes obvious. Deep defenders must commit to vertical stems.

    Luck fell shy of his own high personal play standards, he still plays to the highest level. Griffin has emerged to that level and constantly aims to cut the head off the the top of any coverage he faces

    Both are giant killers. They play best in big games against big teams. Luck got his already, otherwise it should be a split vote, had he not made it to where Andrew had to answer his own expectations. Baylor is tasting that kind of success, another reason to see their leader win the award, duly noted.

  • Darkcoug

    Where are you getting the zoomed out views of the plays from?