Cool “trick” formation empty set series

Via Derek Leonard of Rochester high school. Note that the quarterback for Rochester was Wes Lunt, who is now the starting quarterback at Oklahoma State.

  • gabe harris

    The coach seems like a nice guy. He didn’t want to be unkind, but they saw #80 lined up against their college level receiver with no help and he was throwing to him…the db could not cover that guy in any route….nice throw too.

  • stephenmm

      Their target in that video, #12 Zach Grant, was the nation’s leading receiver.

    And yet he couldn’t get one single scholarship offer from an FBS or FCS
    school.  Considering he’s 6’1″, 195lbs with serious speed and a huge
    vertical, I have no choice but to believe that his skin color played a
    role in that.

  • Npt too different from what coach  Bryan has shared here. The CA state rules have changed to stop his use eligible linemen. Thought this series would be the next item in it, using wing backs as sniffers to replace linemen spaced out further. Thought we’d see it with tackle in 5 to 7 yard splits, not all the way over the slot. Same use, horizontal series passes to reduce pressure and allow a double move once the defense skates on things outside.

  • 4

    Personally know Derek, he is a great guy and great coach.  His dad is also extremely successful as a coach in the same conference.  IIRC, his dad ran this offense with Eric Peterman (Northwestern WR) several years back.