A couple of good pieces on Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon

One is a profile (or anti-profile), while the other includes excerpts of interviews with Big 12 cornerbacks who’ve had to face him. The latter touches on the points that make Blackmon maybe the best college wide receiver I’ve seen in some time: (1) that he is focused and goes hard on every play and seems to never get tired because he’s in fantastic condition and (2) that he is not as big as he plays — he’s listed at 6’1″, but is extremely physical and plays large.

When Holgorsen got to Oklahoma State, he was an underclassmen receiver who had just a few catches to his name. Indeed, they said that, coming out of spring practice, they thought Blackmon was probably only their third-best receiver. But the light went on for him and it’s been fireworks ever since. This season his average yards per catch is down because he’s such a marked player, but that’s helped open things up for his teammates as the receivers around him have been playing at a higher level (in their second year in the offense with Blackmon as fantastic role model). And of course, he and Weeden have the best connection in football, and when they throw that fade route it’s unstoppable — and gorgeous.

  • Guest

    Smart football jinx

  • I was thinking the same thing.

    How much can Chris raise from Alabama fans to prevent him from writing about Trent Richardson?

  • Anonymous

    Watch out everyone, your favorite team might be next!

  • Mr.Murder

    Chris, you’ve talked of using data analysis in scouting and evaluation. Then of course measurables come into play. Think Blackmon has a catch radius big enough to exceed his reach/height/vertical measurables.

    You need to graph where he was when a football was thrown to where he was when it was caught, and make it three dimensional. Then maybe you begin to get the depth of what Blackmon brings to game planning and play calling. He has a catch radius that expands the game plan, he makes the usable field large for your passer and forces the defense to commite extra attention his way in order to try and reclaim the percentages and success rate.

  • frank petrillo

    his body control is amazing. he completely outmaneuvered the corner without using any arms or hands. i read the anti profile and highlights and assumed he was 6-4