Smart Links and Notes 8/17/2009

Robert Marve showcases the talent that made him, uh, highly sought after. He might not be as “traditionally” accurate as former Boilermaker Drew Brees, but Marve is making good use of his year-in-wait at Purdue. Ht (Rivals).

– Trojan Football Analysis shows, not tells, you how to run the Airraid. I’ve discussed the Airraid offense quite a bit, but TFA delivers the goods with video clips of all of Mike Leach’s favorite concepts. An example is below:


Do check out the whole series here.

– Chris Todd is the Auburn starting quarterback: Déjà vu, et déjà rejeté? The Joe Cribbs Car Wash folks convulsed, initially, but things appear to have settled at Auburn. The basic answer is that this is a good decision, in that Todd is the best they have in terms of brains, delivery, understanding the offense, and the like, but it still portends poorly for Auburn’s talent at that position. Yet progress is progress, and Bobby Petrino at Arkansas was able to take the pedestrian Dick brothers and make them respectable (Tennessee fans should look to this model as well). You know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, et cetera. And, apropos of nothing, is this this sign from the JCCW that I think we can all agree with:


– Doc Sat picks Penn State to win the Big 10, and the commenters are angry about the lack of Minnesota/Iowa/Purdue coverage. I’ll give it a very lame shot here: Indiana will be the worst in the Big 10; Purdue will upset someone in Danny Hope’s first season with tricky playcalling from Gary Nord but otherwise misses a bowl for the second straight year, the first two straight bowl-less season since before Joe Tiller took over; Minnesota is hard to figure out — either they burst through or flame out quickly — I’m undecided; and Iowa will impress but will finish behind the teams they should finish behind (Penn State, Ohio State, and probably Illinois). There. Let me feel the heat. (I also agree with the Doc that Penn State ought to win the Big 10, but nobody from the conference is all that attractive. Ohio State is really a year away.)

– I know it’s not football, but Usain Bolt is ridiculously fast.

– Why do ex-NFLers join the GOP, from Politico? I get quoted in this article.

– Michael Vick on 60 Minutes:

– Other stuff: Quarters coverage and “creating defense fronts” from the Football-Defense Report (and video of Cover 4 from Brophy) . . . Brophy has more on the scat concept . . . The Chicago Bears (temporarily) swapped out their kick returning duties away from Devin Hester to defensive end Henry Mellon . . . Richard Thaler on the public option . . . Michael Vick, the theme park ride.

  • Agricola

    Congrats on the new site…it looks great.

  • nice new site! Bookmarks & links updated!

  • James

    Ohio State is going to surprise many, many people. They have completely overhauled their offense, and the defensive line is incredibly talented. And if the one practice I saw is any indication, the young linebackers will be the talk of the Big Ten by the end of the USC game.

  • Charlestowne

    Am I the only one that thinks that Vick looks high during the interview?

  • Mr.Murder

    “Penn State ought to win the Big 10, but nobody from the conference is all that attractive.”
    Joe Paterno as Miss Congeniality?