Smart Links 11/19/2009

Best sleepers in college football of the decade. Hey that Chris Brown guy really knows what he’s talking about.

– Brophy has several good posts about pattern reading. Check them out here and here.

– Red Cup Rebellion has a really nice breakdown showing why a busted trick play looked, so, well busted. (And also has an example of what it should have looked like.)

– Mark Mangino, interrupted. The Kansas coach is getting it from all sides. Now, I don’t want to be flippant and there are some very serious allegations here, but there is something a little strange about the possibility that a football coach might get in trouble for yelling too much. But there seems to be more news to come.

– Can we thank Belichick? The Fifth Down says that the New England coach has emboldened the geeks, which is definitely a good thing. In that vein, here is a nascent, but promising, new stat blog.

– I’m very confused. I’ll listen to anyone’s ideas about this.

  • Thanks for the link, I really appreciate it! Us geeks need emboldening every once in a while

  • James

    Wow, Mangino is a prick.

  • Topher

    I opened IE today and saw that has plastered Belichick’s picture on a feature called “NFL’s 10 Worst Coaching Calls.”

    I don’t really care if MSN’s experts (whoever they are) agree or disagree with the call. Reasonable coaches will make different decisions on the field. It was a high-stakes call with big implications. But as has been consensued on this blog and comment space, there’s no justification for even suggesting it’s one of the “NFL’s 10 Worst Coaching Calls.”

    This is silly, puffed-up media posturing. Most of them have understandably never liked Belichick, but given last year’s surprising season they couldn’t rip him after Brady got hurt. Now they have their first ammunition since Spygate to take out their acrimony in columns and features.