Give that man a scholarship (just not a football one)

One of the top incoming recruits this fall for Nebraska:

And by “incoming recruit” I mean he’s the video coordinator.

  • Ha ha I still laugh so much at that video each time. Whole defenses were created to stop him preventing him from getting a single catch such a shame.

  • Tyler

    I love seeing the play run and the arrow pointing to him on the sideline. Great sense of humor.

  • Jim

    thats hilarious stuff!!!!

  • Brian

    Love it when he runs into the huddle then promptly runs off. Smurfin’ hilarious

  • DonkeyPunch22

    Bruddah is playing left or right bench? I couldn’t tell.

  • Too bad you had give PE teachers a bad name…You could have said NFL players not playing would be subbing in gym class.

  • endersgame

    “Bruddah is playing left or right bench? I couldn’t tell.”

    Bruddah is playing Left-Out.

  • rjcousin

    That is beautiful…