New Grantland: The Receiver Ripple Effect – Ranking the top wide receivers in the 2015 NFL Draft

It’s now up over at Grantland:

For a long time, conventional wisdom held that receivers took a few years to develop, and that the wideouts picked near the top of the draft carried a nasty bust rate1 because of the physical and mental demands of playing receiver in the NFL. But last year’s rookie class appeared to obliterate those concerns, and the position should continue to produce sterling talents now that college teams are using three or four receivers on every play, year-round 7-on-7 camps are leaving prospects as polished as ever, and schools are increasingly emphasizing the passing game.

The 2015 wide receiver draft class exemplifies this trend, boasting numerous physical marvels and future stars. Of course, as always, there will also be some busts. The trick is figuring out which players will be which.

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  • tristan decoster

    WRs are the most overrated players in football. Look at the top 15 picks since 2000 only two have even reached a superbowl. This is not to put down great players like Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, just to put them in their place. Waste a top 15 pick on a WR and you can’t afford to pay for the defense and line you need to be a great team. This is a deep class, take a WR in the 2nd or 3rd round and let the perennial losers pick the HOF WRs.

  • Mr.Murder

    White did anything he wanted vs ‘bama on hearing that one wonders about the score. Winning must not have been something he wanted to judge by that?