New Grantland: Inside the Evolution (and Oregonification) of Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Offense

It’s now up over at Grantand:

At Florida, Meyer’s offense revolved almost entirely around the quarterback. From 2007 through 2009, Tim Tebow led the SEC in pass efficiency while also leading the Gators in rushing yards, and the lasting image of those UF offenses is of Tebow plunging into the line on power runs. That approach worked with a 6-foot-3, 235-pound rhinoceros at quarterback, but with Tebow off to the NFL in 2010, Florida’s offense began to fall apart, and the Gators limped to an 8-5 finish. Meyer stepped away from the game in 2011 to spend more time with family, and during that time he was able to study many of the sport’s most innovative coaches and schemes. When Meyer rejoined the coaching ranks and started searching for a coordinator who could mesh the newest trends with what Meyer had done before, he asked around for suggestions, and several of his closest friends in the business suggested the same name: Iowa State offensive coordinator Tom Herman.

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  • Mr.Murder

    Tedford used unbalanced a ton, especially on early downs or run/pass shorter yardage situations. His was Power/Boss sweep. Marshawn averaged almost a first down per touch on Power(on base or unbalanced) and gained more on his own than Bush/Lendale for Carrol at USC when both gained 1,000. Mentioned it on your other previous Grantland link here @smartfootball .

    Kelley pretty much took that approach and installed IZ/OZ over it. Pats used it to score a TD on a throw vs. the Ravens.

    Reps, reps, reps!!!